The perfect nаked outfit for chubby girls! Ashley Graham walks around New York in a mesh dress

The perfect nаked outfit for chubby girls! Ashley Graham walks around New York in a mesh dress

Ashley is adored by girls all over the world. After all, she managed to prove to everyone that fashion is not so much for slim people, and you can be attractive at any weight. The model worked on her style for a long time, and now she can make any outfit suitable for her figure.

After her last birth, Ashley became the mother of twins in 2022: boys Malachi and Roman, fans of the model thought that she would not be able to return to work soon. Ashley has said more than once that pregnancy was a real challenge for her.

However, the girl did not even think about stopping. This year, Ashley triumphantly returned to the modeling business. She actively works on the catwalk and appears in advertising campaigns.

And he doesn’t forget to delight his fans with interesting street steel. So the girl’s fans are lucky: there have been a lot of her lately.

Ashley recently shared a photo from a walk around the city. The girl went out into the street in a very impressive mesh dress. On top she was wearing a short sports jacket. For footwear, Ashley chose pointed-toe clogs.

The girl’s luxurious lingerie was visible from under the dress: a lace bodice and high panties… Ashley looks very slender in this outfit. This is because the model knows how to hide the flaws of her figure.

Using thick underwear, she smoothes out the unevenness of her body and literally stretches herself out. In addition, the model almost always wears heels: this also makes her look slimmer.

It is also impossible not to pay attention to the model’s hairstyle. A low, smooth bun is not often seen on a girl. But Ashley doesn’t like it in vain: it allows you to open up the lower part of the face and neck and emphasize chiseled cheekbones

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