Wet biкini and luxurious body! 48 yearold Eva Longoria was accidentally spotted on the beach in Spain

Wet biкini and luxurious body: 48-year-old Eva Longoria was accidentally spotted on the beach in Spain

The Latin American beauty has always had appetizing curves. True, after the birth of her son, Santiago became a little blurry.

Let us remind you that Eva Longoria became a mother in the summer of 2018, and since then – for five years now – she has been trying to return to her “pre-pregnancy” form with varying degrees of success.

As soon as the doctors allowed her to exercise, the actress immediately went to the gym.

But training, alas, did not help her.
Then the star went on a diet. By the way, before she considered the main secret of her ideal figure not to be physical activity, but to completely abstain from sweets.

“I abstain from sugar. He’s terrible. Sugar is found in all foods – rice, bread, fruits. Everywhere! It is not so easy to give up.

But this is the diet that gives me maximum results,” said the star.
Eva managed to lose a fair amount of kilograms. But then they returned.

And at the beginning of this summer, the star herself admitted that she had gained another 7 kilos.

But the actress did not despair and, by her example, was able to prove that the main thing in losing weight is not even sports and dietary restrictions, but willpower!

Immediately after Fashion Week, Longoria went with her family to relax on the beaches of Spain.

On one of them they managed to photograph her – and only in a pale pink biкini. And without words,

it became clear that Eva still managed to get into perfect shape and regain that famous hourglass figure that millions of viewers around the world were crazy about.

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