The Asian Bird Which Enjoys Jumping On Human Bodies He loves doing it but sometimes it hurts for people

The Asian Bird Which Enjoys Jumping On Human Bodies He loves doing it, but sometimes it hurts for people

The ASIN Owl is an animal native to Europe. This unusual-looking bird is well-known for its amusing and unusual tendency of landing on one’s head; it is, by the way, a European eagle.

Been, Shaffer of the Dutch captured a humorous owl attempting to settle on the hats of many locals.

It settles there just to sleep for a while before moving on to some other location.«That once managed to land on my forehead as I was photographing the bird,» Schaeffer added.

«But even so, it leaped on the guy standing close to me as immediately as I grabbed my camera to shoot.”

A little Dutch hamlet has become famous thanks to a bird that loves to settle on kids’ brains. St. Shaffer, 48, of Filing,

Holland, captured this charming 6lb (2.7metric tons) European Golden Eagle trying to perch on the shoulders of passers-by in Moorland city.

It rested somewhere for up to an hour until moving on to find another place to relax.

“It tried to fall on my forehead once while shooting the bird,” Shaffer told the Nb Times. “But, the bird swooped into my someone next to him as fast as I raised my phone to snap a photo.”

Witnesses believe the owl fled from an aviary in Oosterwolde and are thrilled by the attention.

“I’ve viewed journalists and hikers from all over the nation get to view the great horned bird, from The Hang too.” “Our community is eventually there!” told an ecstatic person.


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